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FSDS Maintenance

1. At Central Semen Station

  • Refilling of LN2 in the container is done every three days.
  • After initial testing FSDs are kept for minimum 1 month inincubation before dispatch.
  • Transfer of FSDs from one container to other is done using a thermocol box filled with LN2.
  • Care is taken to avoid FSDs exposure to sun.

2. During Transportation

  • Container should be kept upright.
  • Handled with care.
  • Cushioning material like rubber, jute etc., should be used to avoid jerks.
  • Long exposure of cryocans to the sun should be avoided.

3. At field Level

  • Container should be kept upright.
  • Handled with care.
  • FSDs should not be exposed to sun while handling.
  • Once straw is taken out it should notbe placed back in the container.
  • Regular refilling of LN2 should be done as per the capacity of containers.

4. At CSS during transportation at field level

BA-3 BA-7 BA-11 BA-20 BA-35 BA-42 Min.level of LN2 from bottom (Aprox.)
2.5 3.5 9.0 14.0 14.0 14.0 13 CM

5. Check for LN2 Levels and LN2 Containers